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“Between Dogs and Wolves”

Renewing our view of live

In recent years, naturalist philosophers have led us to question our relationship with life. In particular, they remind us that homo sapiens sapiens is only one particular species among other species which, each, are themselves equally particular.

This new approach has made it possible to question our view of the relationships that these other living things have established between them, in particular and contrary to what is generally said, that these relationships are more often relationships of “diplomacy” (B. Morizot) more than relations of force and domination.

“Between Dogs and Wolves” offers an exploration of our ways of moving and moving around. However, tourism is the most explicit quintessence of our practice of travel. It perfectly illustrates our contradictions as indigenous people that we all are and tourists that we also are or that we dream of being.

He develops the idea that this predation of the planet cannot continue as it is. Through multiple testimonies and images captured on all continents, he offers a critical look at this particularly voracious industry of people and their territories, made possible thanks to a privatization of space and a profligacy of fossil energy and other destructive forces of living conditions on the planet. 

Other films ...

The Comptoir des Docs documentaries are self-produced.

Archipelago, stories of transitions 

The climate transition, there are those who talk about it and those who do it. Archipel presents 7 cross-portraits of people who have chosen to make their own transition and who have adopted a lifestyle compatible with a certain sobriety.... 


Sharing as an art 

For 1 month, 32 artists came together to build a large exhibition of their respective works. Everyone put themselves at the service of others. Everyone was attentive to each other's projects. The new place, Gahia Scienza was born. 


Tribute to Shostakovich 

Capture of the Monaco Chamber Orchestra concert. Quintet No. 5 String Quartet No. 5 String and piano quintet "The Fruit of Silence"


Diving in all directions 

Diving under the sea with your bottles, without seeing, without hearing, without speaking, using only the language of manual signs. Feel the sea through your fingers alone and the caress of the water on your body. 

An experience for those who live this incredible moment. 

An experience for those who accompany them. 



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Is this how men live? 

A changing world 

Our time is experiencing a historic upheaval: we must change our way of life to face an event that is beyond us: climate change. 

We film to try to understand. 

We broadcast to provoke exchange. 

Slow time 

Taking your time, rushing is not the solution... Self-production brings invaluable comfort, that of reducing time constraints as much as possible. 

During filming and editing, we take what is necessary to say it. 

A method 

The intimacy of speech is not satisfied with too many technical teams. Also, we shoot solo without sacrificing anything in terms of quality. We have designed our equipment to meet this requirement. 

...and underwater too 

Life is also underwater. We are equipped for this. For example, we filmed a fabulous moment shared with a deaf-mute-blind man who was discovering diving.

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